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Please Don't  Step on My Cat 


Milan 2023 – For Milan Design Week,

EИCADRER opens the doors of its studio on Via Morimondo (Milan - Italy)

to present a unique installation.

Imagine a world where hair has taken over.

Imagine being catapulted into an environment that feels frozen in time. Imagine foreign elements silently bursting in, disturbing the equilibrium of everyday life. Imagine entering the EИCADRER skybox and perceiving the imperceptible. Sensing a vital energy that has contaminated every part of our reality.
Nothing is out of place or noisy, but you should be careful where you step.

Now let’s stop imagining and enter the skybox for real.

Two undisputed protagonists dominate the scene: La Mora and La Bionda.
Statuesque and disruptive, they have sown personal and intimate objects in the most unusual places.

PLEASE DON’T STEP ON MY CAT from 20.04.23 to 06.05.23
skybox - via Morimondo, 26 (Milan - Italy)

With this exhibition, a combination of art, design, and hairstyling, EИCADRER takes visitors
into another dimension, a higher, elevated space, to disconnect from reality. please don’t step on my cat - a deliberately ironic and sarcastic title - is conceived as pure experimentation.

An installation aimed at going a step further and understanding just to what extent hair can be reinterpreted.
The idea is to create something concrete that remains over time, with a material - hair - that we tend
to consider fleeting: hair slowly changes, like a fringe that keeps growing and needs trimming.
The installation inside the skybox, the studio’s exhibition space, comprises work curated in collaboration with artist Stephanie Blanchard, including two one-off pieces. An avant-garde experiment involving space, hair, and two design objects: a chaise longue and a free-standing lamp. These two unique pieces combine two very different materials and sensations: the rigidity of the aluminium structure and the impalpable silkiness of hair placed over something solid.

The installation is completed with objects from the everyday life of a hairstyling studio offered by Maria Nila, which are reinterpreted here to make art practical. Other intimate and personal objects provided by Yspot are hidden in this unusual space, filled with wonders.

please don’t step on my cat

Installation by EИCADRER and artist Stephanie Blanchard

An installation, curated in collaboration with artist Stephanie Blanchard, comes to life inside EИCADRER, slowly climbing the stairs and taking over the skybox, the studio’s exhibition space, defining its form with two unique design pieces, also created in collaboration with the artist.

La Mora

Unique piece by EИCADRER and artist Stephanie Blanchard

A lamp with a solid and decisive character: like a femme fatal with French verve. Precisely structured, this unique piece is an interplay of volumes
and fringes in which hair is left soft and floating.

La Bionda

Unique piece by EИCADRER and artist Stephanie Blanchard

A chaise longue that is lively, disruptive and extremely sexy. A unique piece created from a geometric structure in which long blonde hair is woven to create an enveloping seat.


EИCADRER is plurality, a combination of opposites. It brings together different points of view to open up new and unexpected scenarios. Our story begins in 2016 in Milan, when Brian founded EИCADRER. The starting idea was revolutionary in its simplicity: to rethink and innovate the hairstyling profession by opening it up to other creative fields. It takes its name from four geometric lines that do not meet at the corners. The symbol represents the strength of the individual lines that make up the frame. This structure leaves the corners open, allowing the lines to recombine in new and unconventional ways. We consider our reality a movement of new-generation stylists, a pioneering model compared to the existing world of hairstyling. EИCADRER aims to embody a point of union between established methods and contemporary evolutionary momentum. Two interconnected platforms where inspiration takes concrete form, investing in everyday experience with curiosity. Conscious of its mission, EИCADRER has set up a photography studio within its workspace. Here, imagination and technique come together as part of constant research, giving rise to collaborations with a fundamental added value: the connection between all the different players participating in EИCADRER projects.

About Stephanie Blanchard

Stephanie Blanchard is a multidisciplinary artist based in Nice who works with video, photography, sculpture, creative direction, and everything in between. Blanchard’s creative soul is constantly seeking singular beauty, the irony of the everyday  and surprising positions.

The Great 7th Party


The Great 7th Party



ENCADRER is excited to announce its 7th anniversary celebration with a special event dedicated to the ENCADRER Community and everyone who has supported the brand’s journey. This marks a significant milestone for ENCADRER both personally and professionally.

ENCADRER has been a hub of creativity for seven years, blending different perspectives to create new possibilities. The anniversary party
is a thank-you to all who have been part of this journey.
Guests can enjoy an exhibition showcasing ENCADRER’s history, successes, and the people behind it. Drinks by Nemico Milano, finger foods by Tina Maccheroni, mini burgers by Jolly Jumper, and music by GOMMAGE, SOLE DOSI & NEBULAR will make the evening memorable. “Our studio will transform into an immersive journey through ENCADRER’s growth, showing gratitude to our community and looking forward to the future together,” says Brian and Ion, founder and partner of ENCADRER.

Join us!



Started in 2016 in Milan by Brian, ENCADRER reimagines hairstyling by blending creativity and innovation. Our name symbolizes openness to new ideas and endless possibilities.
We bridge tradition with modernity, creating a space where inspiration comes to life.

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